Artistic restoration AZ, Mold removal & remediation, water damage restoration, and fire damage restoration

About Artistic Restoration

We were founded in 1983 originally as a carpet cleaning company in Tucson, AZ owned by my great-uncle. After years of serving Tucson, the company was purchased by my father who decided to make the transition to a full-scale restoration company. He developed a strong passion for the mold remediation side and decided to leave restoration to pursue a path of directly working with CIRS, MCS and immuno-compromised individuals as an IEP.

Now Artistic Restoration is run by his son. We are striving to revive this industry with the care and quality it deserves. Our main goal is to use innovative techniques, care and safety to surpass the industry standards to give CIRS, MCS, immuno-compromised individuals and general home owners the care they deserve.

Our Mission

To out perform the current industry standards, having a higher general standard of care to ensure the safety of families in a place they call home.

Our Vision

To offer homeowners the peace they deserve when calling a professional. Only receiving the best when it comes to their families safety, well-being and properties.